RayRay Schneckloth

Ray was the founding member of Cedar Ridge  and is also U.S. Navy, Retired and very proud of it. Upon his return to Billings in late 1991, he was in "Eastern Skies", a Christian Country/Bluegrass band that toured Montana, Northern Wyoming, and Western North Dakota, for very close to 5 years.  In 1995 he met Al Hardy of the famed "Smoke Creek" band and teamed up with him for 2 years when a gal named Tammy Bunker Bradley joined the band with her fabulous piano playin' and they had a great run for 7.5 years.  After Ray left the group, he started Cedar Ridge.  There have been two changes to the band with a third waiting in the wings.  Ray plays rhythm and lead acoustic and electric guitars.  He's pretty partial to his Taylor acoustic/electric, his Fender Telecasters, and G&L Tribute.  Recently he's been jammin' around with a beautiful blue Paul Reed Smith 24 Custom.  Don't be surprised if Ray cranks it off during their "Eagles" tributes.