Cedar Ridge was founded almost 10 years ago as a duo group playing in service clubs like the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), American Legion, the Moose Lodge, and the Elks Lodge providing great country (new and classic), pop, a little rock n' roll, delivering those great dance tunes.  With a little box later named "Watson" it provided the backgrounds for each of the songs played with bass and drums while the duo gave their all with lead and harmony vocals, lead, rhythm, and dual guitars.  In the early years, Cedar Ridge was very popular locally and kept a fast pace going for 5 years.  At this point one of the members left the group to pursue a similar venture on their own.

In 2011, Cedar Ridge took on a whole new face, a whole new look, and a whole new presentation in the much talked about performances.  A very tall young man in his 30s was approached about playing some good music for dances at the aforementioned places.  This young man thought it over for a moment and said, "Yes, and you've got me for 3 years."  That's when J.L. Wilkins became a very PERMANENT fixture in Cedar Ridge.  He is one of the finest musicians in the state and is extremely accomplished at several stringed instruments, though he reluctantly says "I know just enough to make me dangerous."   With his multi-talents of double bass, guitar both acoustic & electric, both serious leads and rhythms, mandolin, and his fiddle, we made each instrument we played fit into several songs. A lot of two-instrument songs that he would play and even one or two three-instrument songs.  J.L. Wilkins is without a doubt one of the most talented individuals around.  Currently he is going through law school in Wyoming, but we maintain constant contact with him to keep reminding him of where he is always needed... but it also helps that we have his light bar set and he has to come back to Billings when he is finished with his schoolin'.

Eric and RayAt this point, in walks Eric Peterson who Mary and Ray saw at the Yellowstone Cellars and Winery one evening.  He sounded pretty good and had a good feel about some cover songs that Cedar Ridge played.  Ray approached Eric about joining him and Cedar Ridge and on Valentine's Day, 2015, Ray and Eric had their first "get to know each other" session and have been playing ever since.  

There are new things coming up every day; new ideas; new people; and new... (yet to be determined).

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