Randy Harkin

About 10 years ago Ray met Randy through Tammy Bradley Staples who plays a marvelous piano.  Tammy invited Randy and Ray to do a gig with her and TJ Casey over in Deadwood, South Dakota for a special event the city was having.  Not only did they all play, but Guns & Roses played also that night.  Ray and Randy hit it off right there.  They've stay friends and in sporadic-contact over the years and were always curious about each others endeavors when they met.  

Randy is a professional musician that has played with many local and touring bands.  He had also been a member of Limited Warranty Classic Rock Band with Tammy Bradley Staples. Randy is high quality, trustworthy, and extremely talented.  From his 5 foot + shorter than Ray frame to the end of his bass guitar, this individual is welcomed by every band that invites him to play with.  Cedar Ridge is extremely lucky to have Randy Harkin join them.  

Randy is quick witted, sharp as a tack, and friendly with everyone he meets.  Please, welcome him the next time you see him with Cedar Ridge.  He may be sporadic with us because of his more pressing commitments and touring, but he is definitely a very welcome member of Cedar Ridge.