Eric Peterson

Eric was found with guitar in hand and voice at the mic performing as a single at the Yellowstone Cellars and Winery.

Eric was doing a 'single' show that night and Ray kept an eye on him.  At the end of Eric's show, Ray presented a proposal that the two of them should work together on a duo to create a wider sound.  As time went on, Eric and Ray started to hit it off and their hard work has paid off.  Eric has a die-hard love of stringed instruments and is quite fond of the mandolin as well as the guitar.  He purchased a banjo the other day and Ray told him to leave it home for a while.  One of our engagements brought friends from all over town at the newly remodeled Northern Hotel.  Eric has become an intregal part of Cedar Ridge with Ray and they are widening their vision to adding others to the band very soon.